I wanted my first blog post to be helpful, meaningful, impactful--filled with information to improve the quality of our readers' lives. Over the weeks, different subjects floated through my head but nothing really stuck. So here I am, a day after deadline, subjectless. When I think about the dynamics of multi-racial families I'm struck with the spectrum of issues. How do we parents navigate through a world that seems to constantly point out the differences between the races? How do we choose our words when our loved ones are confused about where they fit in? How do we manage our anger when our family members are targeted by ignorance? How do we truly feel about the different bloodlines coursing through our veins, which society uses to define us? Is there a particular heritage that brings a little more pride? Another that brings shame? Answers to these questions can help explain why we make the choices we make and expand our view of our purpose in the world.


I think this is the most exciting time to be a part of a multiracial family. The Information Age is forcing us to redefine how we look at the human experience. Ideas that limited past generations are being challenged on a global level. We are shedding antiquated paradigms that create inner and outer chaos. This is the Obama-era--Iyanla is fixing lives, Hillary has a chance, Beyonce told us who runs the world, Malala educates with courage and Oprah is broadcasting it all. We can tweet, post, pin and share the newest, most innovative ways of thinking with one goal in mind: Happiness.


Unique circumstances abound in multiracial families. I like to think overcoming our challenges makes us and our children uniquely qualified to bridge the interpersonal gaps in our culture that keeps us from achieving our goal. As we enjoy the refreshing energy of beginning 2016, let's actively embody the concepts of inclusion, acceptance and compassion--ideas that the multiracial family has always embraced. Let's commit to doing our best to share those concepts with our communities as we navigate this crazy world and these scary times. We hope you enjoy the perspectives on SwirlNation. Our goal is to support each other as we all seek happiness on this brief, precious journey called life.


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