For over 2 years, my husband’s job brought him to Paris three times a year.  Among the clothes, wine, and souvenirs he brought home, he would always bring home European music that we don’t hear in the States unless we purposely seek it.  One of the artists my husband introduced me to is Belgian singer, Stromae, and his song Alors on Danse.


Stromae is a tall, beautiful man with a distinct sartorial style – very preppy and colorful.  His songs are catchy, heart-felt, and easy to dance to.  The videos for his songs are always visually pleasing and interesting (I love the raw feel of the video Ave Cesaria).


Until I began writing this post, I never looked up his background.  His mother is Flemish and his father is Rwandan.  His father was killed in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, an event that inspired his song Papoutai.  He feels a strong connection to his Rwandan roots and grew up listening to French, Latin, and hip hop – all of these influences can be heard in his music. After seeing his live show on YouTube, it is certain he is a performer.