My birthday is this weekend.  I will be 36.  Everyone is always like, “who cares if you are getting older?  Embrace it and be happy.”

I get it.

But can I really talk about what I miss about my first 35 years (really the first 30, because things kind of started to go downhill after that – I know everyone’s downhill is different, but whatever)?

  1. Eating, drinking, staying out late and it not affecting me in the morning.

  2. Eating ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and not having stomach issues.  Seriously, why do our stomachs become less iron-clad as we get older?  I LOOK at hot wings now and get gas.

  3. The healthy glow on my skin that only comes with no responsibilities.

  4. Having a good memory.  Seriously, I thought old people are supposed to be wiser…

  5. Having the endurance to wear heels all day.

Farewell first 35, hello to almost middle age.

As I look on the things I miss, I am reminded I have no business eating, drinking, and staying out late with two kids.  I can fake the glow with Becca Cosmetics, flats are fabulous, and Google is up there in my best friend rankings.  I’m still kind of pissed about the food thing, though…

I am also reminded that I have two beautiful children, a handsome husband, good friends I adore, a deeper relationship with my family, and my health.  Life is good. 

Looking forward to embracing another year of changes…

Me through the years. Notice how I'm wearing more clothes as I'm getting older? Photos from L to R: age 24, age 29, age 29, age 34

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