I work with young people.  Many young people do not know the value of choosing words carefully.  They do not understand connotation and inferencing.  I am so afraid of my students leaving their little comfortable bubble and getting punched in the face because of something they say, so exercises in ignorance are met with mentoring moments.

A couple of months ago, I overheard one of the students tell their fellow students, “The Chinese breed like rabbits.”  OK, so… it isn’t 1977, so where did the student even get this idea?

Mentoring moment…

I question, “Why are you saying Chinese people breed like rabbits?”

Students answers, “They have lots of babies.”

I inform him China has had a One-Child Policy since 1979 (it actually just ended), and as a result many female babies were either aborted or murdered so families could try again for a male heir.

I succeeded in not only mentoring the student, but also ruining the student’s day with really Debbie-Downer information.  It was a win-win.