Nothing relaxes me the way Jhene Aiko’s voice does. She has gotten me through many hours of L.A. traffic and busy days at work. I don’t remember how I came across her originally, but the moment I heard her voice I bought like 10 of her songs and played them to death. She has a really beautiful energy that comes through in her music.

She got into music really early on in life, but then things didn’t work out the way she thought they would so she took a break from music for awhile. Thankfully she came back to her passion because she has so many great messages to share with the world. She says in her “Behind The Seen” Documentary that her main influences are Dr. Seuss, Sade and Tupac. I think this is interesting because she really does embody that unique combination of playful wisdom, sexiness and street.

She really connects with her audience and you can tell she really feels everything she writes and sings about. I also love following her life as a single mom on Instagram. She comes from a very diverse background; she is African American, Japanese, Spanish, Dominican, German Jewish, French and Native American so she definitely has a multiracial perspective. 

Get to know Jhene a little better here: