I don’t even bother to make New Year’s Resolutions anymore. Haven’t in years. I know we are supposed to set goals and plan but my resolution is always to get in better shape and making it again and again, year after year,  just got, well...silly. So I don’t.

Every New Year, my goal is to purge. Yesterday I unloaded every single bottle in my bathroom, wiped out all shelves and drawers and deep cleaned. Over the years, I’ve noticed a direct connection between my ability to achieve my goals and the condition of my home. Whether it’s working out, eating clean, completing a project, I find I am much more effective when my home is in order. I have read books and articles on tidying and clearing clutter and here’s what I know: It’s a never ending process and you have to do a little everyday. Years ago I would deep clean when we were having company. But I soon realized my own family was more important to me than any guest and that we deserved to live in peace and tranquility everyday. It actually didn’t take much effort to keep the house in order once I got my mind in order and my priorities straight.

I also decided not to care if anyone in my family helped me clean or not. I realized if I kept things in order, they would pitch in without me having to fuss or beg (for the most part!) I grew up with fussy black women (not my mom thank goodness!) and it was important to me not to be that. I noticed how un-fussy my mother-in-law was and how she managed to get all of her tasks done everyday with joy in the house. I have to admit-- for me it takes effort. But it has nothing to do with money or race and everything to do with mindset. Physical order brings mental peace and our home is where we rest and rejuvenate. Create and maintain your sanctuary out of self-love. Whatever your Resolution is--you can do it. Take it easy on yourself but find what inspires you and GO! Wishing you a truly HAPPY New Year.

Banner image via Dribble.com, quotes via Pinterest