When I wear my hair down, soft, flowy waves are flexible and look great. They're easy, quick and look great with long or shorter hair. This should be achievable with most ethnic hair types.

These are the five quick and easy steps to achieving soft, effortless waves.

  1. Section your hair into four parts.  Two in the front, parted in the middle and two in the back. hold separated hair sections with hair clips.
  2. Start on the back sections and move your way to the front. Section three fingers worth of hair and spray with Moroccan Oil Heat Styling Protector.  Wrap the section of the hair around a 1 1/2 barrel curling iron leaving three fingers worth at the ends of the hair free. This is the secret to keeping the curls looking loose and natural.  I use a Hot Tools Professional Spring Iron.
  3. Gently finger out all the curls when finished.  Spray your hair from all four sides, left to right, front to back with Bed Head Masterpiece Hair Spray.
  4. Smooth with a few sprays of Alterna Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist for frizz control.
  5. Part your hair in your preferred style, the middle, right or left.  Hair done!