Our friends at Project RACE approached us about supporting Multiracial Heritage Week 2016 and of course we were super excited to take part! Multiracial Heritage Week is important because multiracial people are the fastest growing racial group in the United States and it is important that each of us are counted! 

Each of you can help by signing up on the Project RACE website to volunteer for your state! 

Multiracial Heritage Week 2016 will be June 7-14! Mark your calendar now and become a representative for your state! 

Sign up now by filling out the sign-up sheet here.

The 2016 flyers can be downloaded herePlease print them and give them to your friends, schools, and family members! 

Multiracial Heritage Week

This will be our third annual Multiracial Heritage Week and we already have participation by over one-quarter of all the states! You must be a resident of the state, so we need everyone’s participation to get proclamations for their state. We will start the campaign in March, 2016. It’s easy!


“Multiracial Heritage Week—how could something so unifying not be celebrated?” –Dionna

“I think Multiracial Heritage Week is amazing because it gives multiracial people a chance to celebrate all parts of who we are.” –Lexi

“There are times set aside for other groups of people to  celebrate their heritage. We’re the fastest growing racial group in the country. Don’t you think it’s time to celebrate us?” –Karson

For additional information visit the Project RACE website