YUKO KUDO - I AM ME via Swirl Nation Blog
YUKO KUDO - I AM ME via Swirl Nation Blog

I Am Me! What strong wonderful words. They make a simple phrase, yet say so much. My wonderful friend Yuko Kudo came up with that phrase, well maybe she didn’t exactly come up with it, but she has used the phrase to create a movement.

Yuko is from Japan and considers herself a Japanese person that comes in a fun size. She loves people more than anything and considers loving people her superpower. I can attest that this is indeed the case. She has a vision where everyone in the world celebrates their authenticity. I believe Yuko can achieve this dream!

She is an Artist, Actor, Singer, Photographer, Writer, Essential Oil Enthusiast, Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, and a student of life. Or simply put, a renaissance woman.

Alex – How did you come up with the “I Am Me” project?

Yuko – It might sound cliche but it came to me during a meditation one day, soon after I left my day job at the restaurant. It was loud and clear. I didn’t know what exactly I needed to do, but I knew that I was called to do this. In the beginning, I didn’t notice. But what I notice now is that this was not only for others to celebrate their authenticity, it was also for me. I was afraid of being who I am when I grew up. I was trying not to stand out, trying not to share my stories, trying not to be me . . . I wasn’t able to say “I AM ME.”

When I started how people don’t see what I see, it made me sad. People don’t know how beautiful they are, how talented they are, how worthy they are. They are afraid of how other people see them, how people judge and criticize them, or to own their light and power. I wanted to scream, and I did for a number of times, that “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE and OUT.”

“You are more than enough”

“You are who you are for a specific reason and there’s no mistake.”

“Your story matters, your voice matters”

And I wanted them to get it. As much as this is everybody’s journey, this is also my journey. I want to be able to own my light, my power, my story. So, that’s my story. The continuous journey of owning this one simple phrase, “I AM ME,” and celebrating that every moment.

YUKO KUDO - I AM ME via Swirl Nation Blog

I believe in Yuko and her project so much! I even participated. It was empowering and a wonderful experience, and you too can join in! Yuko is looking to spread her message!

Please visit her website for more info!

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