Kimberly Torres

Kimberly Torres

We are very excited that Alex of Multiracial Media recently interviewed artist Kimberly Torres for his podcast, Multiracial Family Man. Swirl Nation Blog first featured Kimberly as a Featured Multiracial Individual back in June.

Take some time to listen to the podcast here and get to know this dynamic artist from Philadelphia.

You can take a look at her artwork here and on IG.

More information can be found here

Ep. 88: Kimberly Torres is Black, Cuban, Puerto Rican and Italian.  She grew up and still lives in Philadelphia, where she has developed a powerful and profound artistic voice, which she represents through primarily oil-based paintings.  Given her extremely diverse background, Kim is no stranger to being a part of (and being isolated from) multiple communities.  However, through her art, she's been able to synthesize her expansive and diverse background and experience into one very moving and significant multiracial voice that celebrates racial identity for people coming from a multiracial/Biracial background. Her paintings are meant to show symbols that culturally connect to her subjects depending on their mixture. By containing them in frames also gives them a sense of preciousness. Her interests in photorealism, portraiture, Northern Baroque and Italian Renaissance work are what’s influencing the use of portraiture in her work.