Yesterday I was sitting getting my nails done, flipping through Elle magazine, and came across an article on The Daily Show's newish host Trevor Noah. First off, he's adorable. Second, he has an accent which automatically makes him twice as adorable. Third, I found out he is multiracial! So that is where the idea for our own twist on #MCM was born:) 

Now anyone who knows me would assume my very first #MMCM would be The Rock. Mostly because I am obsessed with him. But nope, I'm going with brains over brawn this week, but please believe The Rock will be featured one Monday very, very soon. 

Trevor is 31 and grew up in South Africa. His father is white and from Switzerland and his mother is black from Soweto. Since he was born in 1984 during apartheid, when interracial sex and marriage were both illegal, he was legally not allowed to live with his father. He also couldn't hold his mother's hand in public. His Wikipedia page states that his mother was jailed for a time for having sex with Noah's father.  The Elle article states that in his comedy he would often joke that he was "born a crime". 

One thing that has seemed to really shaped him is that he grew up in a house of all women. He has said "In my world, a woman was the most powerful thing that I knew. Still is. A woman made the money in my house; a woman made my food. A woman beat my ass when I wasn't a good kid." His mother was also the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Noah's former step-father. 

His unique perspectives on race and gender absolutely come across in his comedy. I feel like he comes from a feminist point of view which is very sexy. Another thing that makes him sexy is that he can speak six South African languages, German, as well as some Japanese and Spanish- plus a man in a suit is the ultimate aphrodisiac and he wears them very well. 

Keep up Trevor and congrats on being our first ever Multiracial Man Crush Monday feature. xx