A friend of the blog, Angela McCrae is working on a short film project that targets multicultural women. The story is focused on a visual artist dealing with self-identity, beauty and transformation. 

A casting session will be held next Saturday (March 12th) in Hollywood, anyone interested in attending should contact mamasansentertainment@gmail.com.

Casting Information
Casting Director - Anissa Williams
Shoot Dates - 03/19/2016 and 03/20/2016 
Director - Angela McCrae
Producer - Angela White
Audition Dates - 03/12/2016
Project Notes
VERY IMPORTANT - THE LEAD ACTOR MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH SHAVING HER HEAD. NOT BALD BUT VERY SHORT.  If you already have short hair, we can work with wigs to achieve the look we need.
This a silent film, which will be shot in black and white. There will be visual effects to highlight certain elements of the story.

You can check out the #WhereIsBeauty fundraising page for more details.  They are still raising money to cover production costs for #WhereIsBeauty and would appreciate any support for the film through donations.

Please see the social media accounts below:

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#WhereBeautyLies Film via Swirl Nation Blog
My name is Angela McCrae and I appreciate you taking the time and consideration in supporting my directorial debut, a short film, written by April Mabry, entitled, #WhereIsBeauty. The film targets multi-cultural women grappling with issues of self identity, definition of beauty and the pressure of society's current standards.

#WhereIsBeauty is special for me due to the selfless support of friends and the impactful message to ALL women across the world.  My background in broadcast news provided a glimpse of the pressure for women in front of the camera and the insecurities of women behind-the-scenes in a male-dominated industry.  With the advent of social media, our culture has dramatically morphed beauty into excessive selfies, flawless filtering and homogenous models.  #WhereIsBeauty will be a visual depiction of a woman's journey to define beauty for herself.

By reaching our goal of $5,000, we will be able to  bring this story to life and cover all production costs for the film.  Once the film is complete, we plan to submit to multiple film festivals around the world.  The targeted shoot date is March 19th , so the film will be complete by April to make key deadlines for major film festivals.  Any additional funds raised above our targeted goal will go towards film festival fees, marketing and travel costs to attend screenings around the world.

I truly believe #WhereIsBeauty will speak to all women as daughters, mothers, leaders and innovators for generations to come.  My passion has always been to empower women through mentorship, storytelling and experiences for self-reflection and personal development.  Through your donation I can further my reach to inspire and activate a ripple effect of self-awareness, confidence, and expression.