If you live in LA like I do, Coachella kind of feels like an official holiday or something. It seems like everyone goes and when you go you plan your outfits for weeks. Even if you don't go you're still probably going out of your way to do something awesome just so you can say #Nochella. I have gone before for work and will likely be forced to go again once my daughter is in High School and is into that kind of thing. But for now I am happy to sit at home on my beach and admire everyone's Coachella experiences from afar. 

As I woke up yesterday morning I checked my Instagram (which sadly is always my first move), and saw some gorgeous multiracial ladies rocking their Coachella fashion and thought it was only right that we give them some shine. 



First up is my obsession, Jhene Aiko. I have written about Jhene before on the blog. My love affair with Jhene has spanned about 3 years at this point. The first time I ever saw was in a Crooks & Castles ad and it compelled me to find out who she was and what she was all about, I'm so glad I did! Her voice and vibe is incredible. The second I drop my daughter off at school I switch to my Jhene playlist. She is one of those women who can literally wear anything and looks amazing. She is usually in hippie inspired outfits and Coachella is no exception. Shout out to my client Teva because she is rocking the jesus sandals in the best way possible! 



I don't have the same kind of feelings for Karrueche that I have for Jhene, but she's a cute girl who escaped a bad relationship so in that sense I can relate at least;) Not sure I would ever go for thigh harnesses??? But hey, maybe if I was Karrueche sized I would?! However I am totally feeling the return of the Baywatch 1-piece. 



My cousin Dana was actually the first person to introduce me to Rocky via some Instagram photos of her in various bikinis. She's gorgeous and has definitely nailed the Coachella vibe. She definitely wins the award for the most outfits, although she was being paid by Revolve to be there so that makes sense:) 



I met Shay Mitchell when she hosted an event I designed last Spring, she's super nice and did an amazing job and looks super cute in all her looks! 

Does this get you inspired for festival season?! Which one is your favorite look?!

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