Date – fresh and so good!

Date – fresh and so good!

A new food stall just opened at Chelsea Market, and it’s the first of it’s kind. Seed & Mill serves up one thing and one thing only, Halavah or Halva, which comes from the Arabic word Halwa – aka sweet.

For those of you don’t know, Halva is it is a dessert made out of tahini and sugar. It’s delicious and it’s stupid good. I have been to that stall 3 times now. They are so nice there and always willing to hand out a sample of whichever flavor you want, and there’s a crap load of flavors to choose from, including marble, cardamom, chai, dates, and lavender, to just name a few.

Seed & Mill’s flavors are always changing! Vegan and/or Gluten free? Seed & Mill has got yo back. All their tahini is gluten free and they have several vegan-friendly flavors . Oh, and it’s Kosher! Everyone wins!

I have tried Coffee. Probably my least favorite. Sweet and yummy, but lacking in the coffee flavor.

Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate – All I can say is yum. I mean you cannot go wrong with chocolate and salt.

SWIRL KITCHEN: HALVA via Swirl Nation Blog

Last but not least, Salted Caramel. My favorite. Holy mother of God! This is so good! I love anything with salt on it and this Halva has a beautiful layer of caramel on top with sea salt mixed throughout and it is perfection! Boom.

For more info check out their website