complex[ion] woman via Swirl Nation Blog

On June 5th complex[ion] woman, a play written by Ebony Gilbert and Tasha Henderson, premiers in Los Angeles. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to benefit Black Women for Wellness, an organization committed to healing, educating, and supporting Black women.

complex[ion] woman

What does it mean to be 20 something in 2016? What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be a person of color? complex[ion] woman explores the intricacies of the everyday experiences of the contemporary women of color in 2016.

From making decisions such as straightening or curling our natural hair to coping with issues such as depression in the Black community, women of color live lives that are unique in their experience but universal in their issue.

complex[ion] woman is honest, controversial, funny, sad and above all, complex.

If you are in Los Angeles, you can purchase tickets for $10 HERE