Collaborating with Mixed Chicks- Why we need the “Your Hair Story Series” via Swirl Nation Blog

When I first developed the idea for my newest blogging series, I knew I wanted to create something unique, original, and that would speak to ethnic struggles multiracial people could relate to. I have been fortunate to be writing on several platforms over the past few months and exposing myself to a constant hamster wheel of learning about people all over the world experiencing the same issues with identity, beauty, and their place in society. I was especially curious to explore the world of beauty and hair which is an important attribute of many ethnicities in terms of representation and products that are catered to our hair texture/types.

Many of us can attest to growing up without products specifically made for our hair type that forced us to use what was available for the status quo, but not multiracial hair. I had been using Mixed Chicks hair products for a few months now and had been thoroughly impressed with the results it was having on my curls. I realized that my curls were a large extension of me and the style, texture, kink, coil, and waves represented my culture, background, ethnicity, and race. My hair itself has the capability to tell a story. Being that ninety percent of the time it is the first identifier people make with me being biracial, I knew that given the opportunity other people could share their own sentiments on stories regarding their hair.

I took a big gamble and proposed the series to Mixed Chicks who were enthused to help, grow, develop, and support my vision to use beauty as a means of storytelling. The “Your Hair Story Series” celebrates diversity of all types by giving customers the opportunity to share their experiences with a product specifically manufactured for their hair while giving personal testament to how that impacts their daily lives. Through social media and a newly approaching blog launch this week on the MixedChicks.Net site, we are giving people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, age, and gender’s the chance to share their story with us.

I truly believe that by giving voice to the stories behind the hair we are combining beauty and the art of story in an original way that is as educational for the customers as it is for the readers. I have had the opportunity to read beautiful stories regarding texture, personal struggles with loving natural hair, why this product makes a difference in beauty regime, and how their specific hair type is a reflection of their culture. I’m anticipating a great reaction to these amazing, dynamic voices from individuals who are genuinely excited to give insight into their backgrounds and why this company empowers them.

Interested parties can feel free to LIKE, TWEET, or FOLLOW our social media pages for the latest posts/updates and contact my email for questions on how to get involved. I’m looking to showcase anyone who uses the Mixed Chicks brand of beauty products and wants to share their story. What’s the story behind your hair?

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Collaborating with Mixed Chicks- Why we need the “Your Hair Story Series” via Swirl Nation Blog