So I'll start with the disclaimer: this article is centered around a raw beauty product line that my cousin Maryam created 13 years ago. My family in Michigan has been raving about it and I've tried things here and there but Maryam and I lived on opposites sides of the country and I was into the lux lines we all see in the blogs, magazines, etc. 

A few months after we moved back east, I took a quick trip from Michigan to New York and stopped by Maryam's to pick up an item or two. $200+ later I had a car full of Mary's Mariposa products.  


A few weeks after my trip, I had a tragic haircut from my salon owner's daughter. I was devastated (ask my husband and kids) but then went full throttle to grow my hair back as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, my almost 50 year-old hormones don't work like they used to and my hair has been thinning, slowly but surely.

When I bought Mariposa's Hair Growth Formula, Maryam warned me "Don't put this anywhere you don't want hair to grow." I heeded her advice--a hairy neck and temples doesn't look good on anyone.

Four months later (last week) I returned to the salon that committed the cut crime (I was so mad, I'd switched salons). The owner handled my entire appointment. Throughout my services, she kept saying, "You have a lot of new growth." When she got to the styling stage she said, "OK, you have a LOT of new growth, like, a lot, a lot, a lot. Don't put any heat on your hair unless you come here. You have so many new hairs coming in!"  

I had noticed the baby hair filling in my thinning temples but to hear my stylist affirm my regime was working was a whole new ballgame. Which is why I'm sharing my story. Here's the scoop: I use Raw Black Shampoo, condition with whatever I have (Maryam was sold out of her conditioner), apply Hair Growth Formula to my scalp and pin it up for 20 minutes (no hairy neck!) After moisturizing the rest of my body, I put the light and delicious smelling Hair Oil on my ends and work it all the way through and then do a protective style. 

Have a couple other favorites--love, love, love the Powder Deodorant. And years of spots and scars on my face have faded after using the Raw Face Cream and Brazilian Body Balm. Body Butters moisturize and smooth skin (Monoi scent is yummy). And yep, my initial $200 got me all of this and more...