One of my favorite things to drink is boba milk tea or as I like to incorrectly call it bubble tea.

There is something magical about little balls of tapioca being slurped through a straw and the sweet taste of your choice of milk tea.

The Bobo Guys in the Lower East Side are game changers when it comes to traditional boba tea shops. Part of their philosophy is to “break cultural barriers” and they are doing just that. It is a melting pot of consumers sucking up their boba’s or homemade jelly. Their drinks are free of any artificial flavors or additives and they don’t use any powders! Real tea people! You really can taste the difference!

Three of my wonderful friends joined me on this adventure.

I tried the Rose Black Tea with Boba.

I love rose tea, but I would never have thought to turn into a boba tea. Fragrant and light and those are some grade A Boba balls!

Alison ordered up a Strawberry Matcha Latte.

Brian got a Salted Honey Cake with Thai iced tea with Almond Jelly!.

Kavin had Horchata and Almond Jelly Tea.

These boba teas were great. I just wish The Boba Guys had a location closer to me.

For more info please check out their website.