#Perfect Never- Ronda Rousey via Swirl Nation Blog

Ronda Rousey was the hottest thing our generation had seen bringing a new face, attitude, spirit, and mold to the world of UFC fighting. In 2015 with guest spot in late night shows, movie cameos, magazine covers, and a 12-0 record, she was undefeated and unmatched. She may have not been everyone’s cup of tea but she brought a competitive edge and unique fierce athleticism to an underserved sport in mainstream media. It was only after her infamous knockout to Holly Holms that set social media ablaze and Rousey was into a corner which she had never been accustomed to in her career…defeat.

Now after her “career defining loss,” there is buzz that she could be returning to the Octagon at the end of 2016 or as early as 2017 possibly facing Amanda Nunes. This amazing new ad that was just dropped Monday definitely teases the prospect of her comeback and is giving the world a possibly humbled Rousey. For an athlete who prided herself on peak performance and commitment to her craft it’s impressive to see her literally taking all the make-up off and taking claim over her flaws. You may not have liked the Rousey of yesteryears but this campaign #PerfectNever gives an ideal that all women and athletes alike can adopt into their own lifestyle.