#NoMakeup via Swirl Nation Blog

I am a huge fan of Alicia Keys right now. Not only did she kill it at the DNC but she has also started a revolution of her own. I’m talking about her no longer wearing any makeup, the #NoMakeUp campaign.

It might sound trivial and of no importance, because I mean really who cares if a celebrity is wearing makeup or not? There’s a lot that’s going on in this world that, yes, is way more important. However, her message speaks volumes to women everywhere.

Ms. Keys is basically sticking it to the man, and she’s sticking it to him good. Her protest of sans makeup is giving women everywhere liberating freedom from hours and money spent on applying their face. Myself included. As an actor I strive for perfection, I want to look my best – and I’m not gonna lie I have always enjoyed trying out new cosmetics. It’s fun. My face is a canvas upon which I can express my inner conscious. Am I feeling edgy today? Or more playful? Depending on my mood I can create an image to fit it. Or depending upon the audition or show I can make myself appear more “Ethnic” or “White”. But this gets so tiring. Why should I have to conform to society or the entertainment industry? Why can’t I just be me?

#NoMakeup via Swirl Nation Blog

Alicia Keys recently wrote an essay on her process to get to #NoMakeup on Lenny, and I have to say it’s pretty damn brilliant. She states “I hope to God it’s a revolution”. I believe it is. You have given women the courage everywhere to say “No”. No, I will not conform. No, I do not need makeup to be considered beautiful. This is me and if you don’t like it you can suck it!

I encourage women everywhere to embrace the #NoMakeUp. I’m not saying you have to do it every day but try it out! It’s liberating and your skin will probably thank you for the break. Beauty is skin deep. You don’t need airbrushed perfection to be beautiful because you are beautiful. Embrace your inner goddess, embrace yourself.