by Kaia Fittz


There is my father, like dark chocolate. Like the midnight that comes after the daylight has gone to rest. His hair when grown out is a winding road in the midnight without any street lights lighting the way. Hair as dark as a silhouette in front of a sunset. Eyes as dark as the midnight sky, and when light is caught in them it acts as twinkling stars, ready to explode into something even more amazing. Smile as bright and wide as an explosion on a movie theater screen, making the audience gasp.


Then there is my mother, like white chocolate. She is the daylight that comes before the midnight awakes. Her hair is as straight as the sun's rays.Her hair is like the golden sun during the eclipse, blinding anyone who dares to look. Eyes as blue and bright as our very sky, and when light is caught in these eyes, all you can see is the most perfect cumulus clouds dancing, ready to move when night comes to reveal the moonlight. Smile thin but bright, like the crescent moon, giving anyone, even someone acting as the grinch, joy in their heart. 


And there I am, milk chocolate. Like the sunset connecting both night and day together, to create a beautiful twenty-four hour day. My hair is a winding midnight road with a streetlight at the very end. My hair is as thin as the sun's rays, but as dark as a silhouette. My smile like an explosion, so big that it makes my eyes disappear into face. I am like Goldilocks' porridge, not too this not too that, just right.


This piece was originally posted on kaiafittz.com

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