As a woman of mixed Korean and Puerto Rican ethnicity, Jenn grew up in foster care  discovering her love for beauty and fashion through preparing the hair, make-up and clothes each morning for her younger foster sisters of various ethnicities.  Today, her passion continues as she share her experiences and expertise, as a Licensed Aesthetician, makeup artist, patient coordinator, nail technician, beauty and style blogger for and the, with friends, family and on-line followers.  

Jenn loves all aspects of beauty and fashion which brings women together to promote a positive outlook.  She has a soft spot for animals and obsess over her two dogs Zoe and Donovan  who, of course, are both mixed breeds.  Jenn is known to frequently vocalize her preference for adopting pets from animal shelters or rescue organizations.  

She enjoy spending time with her boyfriend or friends over a great meal.  Given her multi-ethnic background, she has always been open to all types of cuisine - try anything once, as long as it doesn't move.  

Jenn’s childhood and adolescence were challenging periods and frequently humbling, and she finds herself drawn to others who possess both empathy and an unconquerable spirit.


PASSION POINTS: Beauty, fashion, friendship, music, travel, food, politics, health and wellness, history, documentaries, animal advocacy, dogs