How amazing are these new toys by MyFamilyBuilders?! I first saw them on Upworthy and fell in love!  

They got their start on Kickstarter and received funding! I'm not surprised because as the Upworthy article states there are so many families out there who are not represented in what is typically seen on the toy store shelves or on mainstream media. 

Here are some great stats Upworthy shared: 

  • In 2011 there were 4.2 million multiracial children in the U.S.
  • 30% of families with children were single-parent families (U.S. Census Bureau 2008)
  • In 2013, nearly 220,000 children under the age of 18 were being raised in same-sex parent families
  • 7% of American children are adopted or stepchildren, many with parents of different cultures than their own
  • Full stats can be found in there original form

I hope to see these toys and more toys like it represented in every major toy store!