This morning I was roaming Facebook from bed when I came across this story on Inhabitots about the new UNICEF Kid Power Band. The Power Band works like a Fit Bit but for every 2,500 steps a child takes he or she earns one Kid Power Point. Five Power Points unlocks one packet of food for a child in need around the globe. In addition $10 of the purchase price of the band goes to UNICEF (the band costs $39.99 at Target).

To get kids engaged that have also paired up an app with the Power Band that takes kids and their families around the world, completing missions and learning about cultures around the world. I really love this idea because of course every parent wants their child to be active and healthy but I think empowering them to help other children is a powerful combination. I know my daughter would be much more likely to focus on her activity level if she could track her milestones to donations. I will definitely be running to Target to purchase this for her! 

For more information on the UNICEF Kid Power program, visit