Sometimes I don’t like combing my hair – it’s nappy; however, I like to look like I combed my hair. I made clip-in bangs because I had leftover hair from making clip-in weave (tutorial later).  

I sometimes wear this look if my hair is wet and in a twist-out (as pictured above), and well, mamma has places to be and things to do. Mamma is also too lazy to wake up two hours earlier than needed to do something with her hair. Sleep is a precious commodity in my world.

Supplies needed:

Hair (matched as close to your hair color and texture as possible)

Wig Clips

Hot Glue Gun



Scarf or Headband

Step 1:  Measure weft of hair to the desired width against your upper forehead/hairline. I double-up on the weft (fold in half), hot glue where hair is folded.

Step 2: Lay out two wig clips. Make sure the curved side is facing down/matching the curvature of your head.

Step 3: Hot glue hair to top of wig clips. Wig clips should be on each end.

Step 4: Clip hair in where desired

Step 5: Cut – I did a fringe

Step 6: Cover your whole head in a scarf with bangs peeking out, or use headband to cover where the bangs are clipped in

Step 7: Own it

If you mess up, just try again.  It’s not your real hair…

xoxo Amal