Created after the 2003 documentary bringing to light the Black presence in American punk culture, Afropunk Fest is one of the most multicultural festivals in the US.  The festival brings together people of all different backgrounds for music, art, fashion, film, and more.  Their efforts encourage diversity in the media and access to the arts through volunteerism in under-served communities.  Past performers during the festival include Lenny Kravitz, Kelis, Grace Jones, and Lauryn Hill.

While the festival sounds amazing – promoting multiculturism, the arts, and philanthropy, I am particularly obsessed with the festival-goers’ fashion and style.  From the array of prints, to all of the natural hair, to my favorite, tribal face paint, the partiers are on point in creativity and originality.  I want to rock tribal face paint every day in suburban Dallas, Texas after seeing the photos; but considering I get perplexing stares when I rock my simple afro in public, I might have to save the tribal paint for when I finally attend the festival one day.

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