This week on Obsessed we are all sharing artists that inspire us. Some of us are sharing fine artists and others musical artists. I was especially excited about this topic because I am literally OBSESSED with art and street art. I am the person who pulls over the car multiple times a week to snap photos of new murals that have popped up. Luckily for me I live in Los Angeles and am exposed to numerous artists. My office is in Downtown Los Angeles, near the Arts District, which is heaven for people like me who appreciate the endless walls full of street art.

My favorite artist is Hueman. I discovered Hueman’s work a few years ago when I saw a mural she has on Rose Avenue in Venice, CA. I was very drawn into the colors and the femininity of this piece and had to know more about the artist.

Allison Torneros, who paints under the moniker ‘Hueman’, grew up drawing and painting in Northern California, and received her degree in Design | Media arts from UCLA in 2008. Whether she is creating delicate visions on canvas, or crushing massive walls with a spray can, she often draws on the human condition to create colorful mashups of the abstract and figurative, and the beautiful and grotesque. Hueman’s unique freestyle process involves creating tightly refined compositions from a spontaneous beginning of paint splashes, drips, and sprays. Through this methods she is interested in creating motion and dimension on flat, two-dimensional surfaces, and her layered works can be seen on public walls and in galleries worldwide. Her work has caught the attention of media outlets and publications such as Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, CNN, the History Channel, Complex, and the LA Times.


Since seeing the original mural in Venice, I started noticing other Hueman works around town and started stalking her Instagram page on the regular to see her creativity in action. The colors she chooses are intoxicating. I am a person that loves super colorful art and her pieces all just have such an amazing depth. I also love that women are central in her work and they often appear to be in a dreamy, inspired state.