I am currently OBSESSED with The.Wav! And honestly I have been for the last few years. Watching the evolution of these magnetic artists has been amazing. The.Wav combines different rhythms, sounds, and cultures to create their own sound, which they describe as Afro-Trap.

The group itself is comprised of 4 members, Gregory Stutzer, Kelly Be, Cardigan Deville, and Badí. Each from a different cultural background, and their backgrounds are definitely reflected in their music and even in the title of their new album, Diaspora of Sound. 

This album has something for everyone! From the Caribbean pop Carnivál vibes of their hit single “Love Games” to the hypnotic lush jungle rhythms of “Claim My Love”, you’re sure to find yourself winding your waist and drifting off with the music. 

THE.WAV via Swirl Nation Blog

The.Wav will be hosting an album release party on November 3rd at Los Globos in Los Angeles. And just in case you needed any more reasons to love them, the party will feature all female DJ's and percussionist from different cultural backgrounds! Talk about representation! 

There will be a special guest list for friends of Swirl Nation Blog. 

To RSVP, please shoot an email to swirlnationblog@gmail.com 


We hope to see you there as we get down to multi-cultural grooves and celebrate the diverse beauty of the diaspora! 

THE.WAV via Swirl Nation Blog

Check out their website for music and videos.