I have a small head and small eyes.  False eyelashes look heavy on me and I can never apply them correctly.  False eyelashes either droop, irritate my contacts, or fall off; so you can probably understand my eagerness to tryHuda Beauty’s cotton ball eyelash trick.

So this is less of a “fave” post as it is mostly a “test” post.

What you need:

  1. Cotton Ball
  2. “Spoolie” (same as a mascara wand)
  3. Mascara (I’ve used Dior Show since I could afford it, so about 12 years)

Step 1: Apply mascara

Step 2: Break open a cotton ball

Step 3: With the spoolie, pull out the “innards” of the cotton ball

Step 4: Brush through eyelashes with cotton ball-fiber-laden spoolie

Step 5: Apply another coat of mascara

Step 6: Repeat until desired volume/length of lashes are achieved

I tried it and I only made one pass because I was short on time and paranoid about the fibers irritating my contacts.  I saw a slight difference.  I definitely suggest watching the video and trying it yourself.  Please let us know how your attempts went in the comments.  Happy Hacking J!