The designer, Stella Jean

The designer, Stella Jean

Mixing African prints with Italian tailoring, Stella Jean’s designs are vibrant, yet classic.  Stella Jean is of Italian and Haitian descent.  She grew up in Rome which lends to her fashion aesthetic; however, she is undeniably inspired by Africa and her Haitian roots in her designs.  Jean is self-taught; however, Giorgio Armani took her under his wing early in her career and she is considered his protégé. 

She has collaborated with Christian Louboutin and has Rihanna and Beyoncé clamoring for her latest pieces.  Stella Jean is also conscious of the struggles of women and native people. Through her use of native craftspeople, she seeks to support struggling countries and communities and preserve their ancestral arts and traditions. She works with industry to generate commercial enterprise and self-sustaining local communities, focusing on women’s empowerment.  She began her partnership with Ethical Fashion Initiative in 2013 when she extended her reach into a wider range of ethically produced items like bespoke Bogolan (mud-cloth) from Mali and Jewelry from Haiti.

Stella Jean’s lines are not “fast fashion”.  Most of her designs fetch a price tag of over $500; however, each piece is unique.  With the addition of a kid’s line, I might have to live out my Stella Jean dreams through my daughter.

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