Ti Punch is French for small punch, cute? Non? As dainty as the name sounds, Ti Punch is the exact opposite. This drink will put hair on your chest. It is the national drink of Guadeloupe.

Made with white distilled rum called Rhum Agricole, it is at its lowest 45% proof. It is made from fresh sugarcane juice instead of molasses, which is why it is clear.

To make Ti Punch just add a couple of teaspoons of raw sugar, a squeezed lime wedge, and a couple of shots of Rhum Agricole. Mix together and voila Ti Punch. It’s strong and oh so good.

Ti Punch is served all over the French Caribbean. In Guadeloupe, we had our first taste of this drink at L’amer in Basse Terre, on the La Rue de la Vague Bleue.

At 3.50 euro each, it’s a total bargain. Especially since they leave you the bottle – I could easily become an alcoholic on this island. I highly recommend getting tea punch at L’amer. You can sit, drink and enjoy the sunset overlooking this gorgeous bay. Life really doesn’t get better than that!