Sattva is a state of mind that causes us to remain steady, calm and peaceful. As the wife of a yoga teacher trainer, starting each day with tranquility is a priority. Our years in residence at the Himalayan Institute allowed us to cultivate a morning ritual that sets the tone for our entire day. 


Each morning begins with a glass of water, neti wash and homemade Indian chai. My husband lights a candle and we sit next to each other on our meditation cushions to begin morning prayers. After completing audible chants, we practice japa meditation in silence. Then I wake up the kids while Luke starts preparing breakfast. 


This daily routine infuses our home with palpable calmness. School day rush is filled with a sense of urgency but there is an underlying current of joy and gratitude. Communication is clear and when things go wrong, no one gets bent out of shape--we adjust and support each other.


Anyone can cultivate harmony in their home using tools and techniques that resonate with their personal beliefs and tradition or religion. Creating balance in your home isn't difficult but it does take effort and consistency is key.


The result is a happy, productive life--a life that everyone deserves.


Easy Homemade Chai

Makes 2 cups


Grate two inches of peeled ginger into 1 cups of water and bring to a boil
Add 3 heaping tablespoons of black tea
Optional pinch of saffron
Add 1 cup milk (optional almond, rice or soy)
Bring to a boil (skip boil for non-dairy milks)
Add sugar to taste
Add 6 Green Cardamom pods ground with a mortar and pestle

Strain and enjoy!

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