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I am currently OBSESSED with The.Wav! And honestly I have been for the last few years. Watching the evolution of these magnetic artists has been amazing. The.Wav combines different rhythms, sounds, and cultures to create their own sound, which they describe as Afro-Trap.

The group itself is comprised of 4 members, Gregory Stutzer, Kelly Be, Cardigan Deville, and Badí. Each from a different cultural background, and their backgrounds are definitely reflected in their music and even in the title of their new album, Diaspora of Sound. 

This album has something for everyone! From the Caribbean pop Carnivál vibes of their hit single “Love Games” to the hypnotic lush jungle rhythms of “Claim My Love”, you’re sure to find yourself winding your waist and drifting off with the music. 

THE.WAV via Swirl Nation Blog

The.Wav will be hosting an album release party on November 3rd at Los Globos in Los Angeles. And just in case you needed any more reasons to love them, the party will feature all female DJ's and percussionist from different cultural backgrounds! Talk about representation! 

There will be a special guest list for friends of Swirl Nation Blog. 

To RSVP, please shoot an email to 


We hope to see you there as we get down to multi-cultural grooves and celebrate the diverse beauty of the diaspora! 

THE.WAV via Swirl Nation Blog

Check out their website for music and videos.




Summer time is the perfect time for GIRL POWER! Right now I am obsessed with three “I got the juice/Best you ever had” songs.  

First up, Rihanna! Rihanna has been known for her in your face attitude, but this song seals the deal for me. “Needed Me” is an unapologetic “Boy bye! Don’t get it twisted.” to the guy who just can’t seem to understand you simply do NOT need him.

Needed Me – Rihanna

Next up, Ms. Lopez comes through with in your face girl power, chanting “I aint your mama” and a list of things she AIN’T gonna be doin’ this summer.

“Ain’t your mama” – J. Lo.

Finally, we have Fergie! It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Fergie Ferg, but she’s back and celebrating her success as both a mother and an independent boss in her new song. Plus the video features some cameos from some pretty bad celebrity mamma-jammas including Kim K and Chrissy Teigen.

“M.I.L.F. $ ” – Fergie 





I don’t get to wear a swim suit very often, so mine usually hangs out at the bottom of a drawer waiting for summer and the day I get to hop on a plane to a tropical location. So when I finally dug it out of the depths for my trip to the Big Island, I was surprised at how sun bleached it was. Then when I landed in Kona, I pulled out my yellow iPod Nano (circa 2011), plugged it into the car… And realized just how sun bleached my playlists were looking, too. A little faded, a little worn from one too many listens, not to mention, I think the newest album on my trusty litt player might be the Arctic Monkeys’ AM. It might be time to get some new tunes, but for now, I don’t mind sticking to the songs that served as my soundtracks for summers past. Though I might be in the market for a new swim suit. Without further ado, here’s my Sun Bleached Summer Playlist:


  1. Blister in the Sun - Violent Femmes
  2. Pass This On - The Knife
  3. Sunset - The xx
  4. Lysergic Bliss - Of Montreal
  5. Into the Sun - Sean Lennon
  6. Sunday Girl - Blondie
  7. Play with Fire - Rolling Stones
  8. Oslo in the Summertime - Of Montreal
  9. Summer’s Thirst - Pretty Lights
  10. It Is Not Meant To Be - Tame Impala
  11. Golden Brown - The Stranglers
  12. Holy Roller - Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
  13. Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks
  14. Losing You - Solange
  15. Vacation - The Go-Go’s




I have become somewhat Obsessed with Malaysian singer Yuna. Her voice is addicting and her style is fierce too. I’ve been listening to her old album a lot lately, the self-titled Yuna came out in 2012. Lullabies is my favorite song, it totally transports me. There isn’t a video for Lullabies, not sure why, but take a listen:

The tone of her voice and this particular song also totally remind me of this other singer I used to LOVE, her name was Hope and I would listen to her song Who Am I To Say about 100 times a day.



Ok back to Yuna... her new album is titled Chapters and came out this year. She has a song called Crush with Usher that I also love. Her voice is like silk. I also love the interracial love story that plays out in this video between a young asian boy and black girl.

I also love that Yuna is one of the rare pop stars that has a more modest style which makes her stand out and she wears a headscarf or hijab at all times. You can see that on display on her Instagram page.








I love D'Angelo and this is a beautiful rendition of Sometimes It Snows In April, which obviously has new meaning now. Also it is cool to see Maya Rudolph singing backup. A very moving performance by all of them. 





The thing I’ll remember the most about the day Prince died is everywhere I went people were playing his music. His voice was on the news channel, the radio stations, and even at my gym. The sound and soul of Prince was everywhere, and it warmed my heart to hear it.

When I heard of Prince’s passing I reached for my phone to play my favorite song of his – Raspberry Beret. If you’ve never heard it, I suggest you buy it. No need to listen, first, it’s awesome. It’s Prince.

Raspberry Beret Lyrics:


1 2 1 2 3




I was working part time in a five-and-dime

My boss was Mr. McGee

He told me several times that he didn't like my kind

'Cause I was a bit 2 leisurely


Seems that I was busy doing something close 2 nothing

But different than the day before

That's when I saw her, Ooh, I saw her

She walked in through the out door, out door


She wore a raspberry beret

The kind U find in a second hand store

Raspberry beret

And if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more

Raspberry beret

I think I love her


Built like she was

She had the nerve 2 ask me

If I planned 2 do her any harm

So, look here

I put her on the back of my bike

And we went riding

Down by old man Johnson's farm


I said now, overcast days never turned me on

But something about the clouds and her mixed

She wasn't 2 bright

But I could tell when she kissed me

She knew how 2 get her kicks


She wore a raspberry beret

The kind U find in a second hand store

Raspberry beret

And if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more

Raspberry beret

I think I love her


The rain sounds so cool when it hits the barn roof

And the horses wonder who U are

Thunder drowns out what the lightning sees

U feel like a movie star



They say the first time ain't the greatest

But I tell ya

If I had the chance 2 do it all again


I wouldn't change a stroke

'Cause baby I'm the most

With a girl as fine as she was then


(Raspberry beret)

The kind U find (The kind U find)

The kind U find (In a second hand store)

Oh no no

(Raspberry beret)

(And if it was warm)

Where have all the raspberry women gone? (She wouldn't wear much more)

Yeah (Raspberry beret)


I think I... I think I... I think I love her


(Raspberry beret)

No No No

No No No (The kind U find)

(In a second hand store)

(Raspberry beret)

Tell me

Where have all the raspberry women gone? (And if it was warm she)

(Wouldn't wear much more)

(Raspberry beret)


I think I love.




This week we're all sharing our favorite Prince moments in memory of the icon's passing. 

I had my own Prince moment about 15 years ago. My friend Staci and I were dancing at a club in Denver called The Church when all of a sudden a man with gold plated ears (yes, seriously...) came up and tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for us to go with him. For whatever reason we trusted this strange man lol and we followed him up to the balcony and when we got there Prince was standing there. I don't even remember if we talked to him, but I do remember him spending the majority of the night talking to a guy a in a wheelchair and he seemed like a really kind person. I'm glad I at least got to share the same air with him that night. 57 is definitely too soon to go. 

Enjoy a week full of some of the moments in his life we are most obsessed with. I am starting with Prince and Beyonce, because of course I am obsessed with Bey and the two of them together were incredible. 




As we celebrate and highlight African-Americans during Black History Month, I think of Bob Marley and how he touched the world with his music.  Who hasn’t been moved by him or his music? There is something magical about true artistic talent.  It has the ability to transcend time, cultural and unify racial differences and divides.  Everyone has a favorite Bob Marley song or, at least, knows the words to one of his many hits!  His words hit your soul and the island percussion lets you escape, dream and believe.

Dave Thompson, author of Reggae and Caribbean Music, laments what he perceives to be the commercialized pacification of Marley's more militant edge, stating:

Bob Marley ranks among both the most popular and the most misunderstood figures in modern culture ...That the machine has utterly emasculated Marley is beyond doubt.  Gone from the public record is the ghetto kid who dreamed of Che Guevara and the Black Panthers, and pinned their posters up in the Wailers Soul Shack record store; who believed in freedom; and the fighting which it necessitated, and dressed the part on an early album sleeve; whose heroes were James Brown and Muhammad Ali; whose God was Ras Tafari and whose sacrament was marijuana.  Instead, the Bob Marley who surveys his kingdom today is smiling benevolence, a shining sun, a waving palm tree, and a string of hits which tumble out of polite radio like candy from a gumball machine.  Of course it has assured his immortality. But it has also demeaned him beyond recognition.  Bob Marley was worth far more.

One of my favorite songs by Bob Marley and the Wailers performing in Boston, MA.




Idris Elba

Stumbled on this about an hour ago. It made me very happy. Husbands (including my own) I apologize but it's not often us ladies see a man like this in a music video. Actually I don't think I've ever seen a man look or sound better in a music video.

When famous actors turn musician, it doesn't always go so well. This time it did. I can't believe I'm just now seeing this. It came out in October 2015!

This week we were supposed to write about a fine artist- like a painter or sculptor. Oh, wait, he is a fine, real, real fine artist. Yep, def obsessed. But I'm telling you... Idris Elba is, well, see for yourself...