Swirl Nation Blog was started by four friends who all have multiracial families. We have had so many conversations in our private lives about our journeys of relationships and raising multiracial children; we decided we wanted to share that with other like-minded individuals. So on Swirl Nation Blog we explore topics that resonate with us, all written through a multiracial lens. 

One key feature of our site is our weekly Featured Multiracial Individual and Featured Multiracial Family profiles. Each week we celebrate amazing multiracial people and families from across the United States and around the world! Our hope is that these profiles will inspire and ignite conversations.  

Additionally we will share posts authored by the four founders, as well as our talented collection of contributing bloggers, on other topics that are passion points for us as individuals like politics, education, fashion, beauty, cooking, and more! No topics are off limits. 

We welcome ideas, collaborators and comments. Thank you for visiting our community! 

xx Jen, Kourtney, Amal and Jenn

JEN lives in Los Angeles and is a single mom to her 12 year old daughter Kaia. Jen is passionate about raising her daughter in a diverse community and exposing her to a variety of experiences and people. Kaia loves learning about mom's Scandinavian roots and her father's West African roots. 

KOURTNEY lives in New York and is a married mother of 2, Prakash who is 14 and Mangala who is 12. Kourtney and her husband Luke are raising their children to be global citizens, making many family trips to India

AMAL and her husband Luchi live in Dallas with their daughter Giordanna, 6 and son Liam, 2. The couple is looking to raise their children to be proud of Amal's culture as well as Luchi's Peruvian culture. 

JENN is multiracial herself and has dedicated her life to multicultural beauty and showing women of every background how to bring out their best features. Recently she has enjoyed uncovering her own multicultural roots and connecting with family members.