We So Hapa was originally conceived by Alex Chester, who is the creator of MeSoHapa.com a multicultural blog. Her passion behind bringing awareness to multicultural artists attracted Rebecca Lee Lerman and Kalen Sakima to jump on board in November of 2015. Sakima Productions was then brought in to support We So Hapa's misson and to provide guidance to make this concept a reality.

What is Hapa you may ask? Hapa comes from the Hawaiian Language meaning 'half'. A Hapa is anyone that identifies with two or more ethnic cultures. 

We So Hapa was created to showcase multi-ethnic talent. With a mission to bring awareness to others that one side of our diverse makeup or the other should not stereotype us as people or performers. We So Hapa is giving Hapa's a voice by challenging the perspective of what makes a person "white", "black", "Asian", "Middle Eastern", "Latino", etc. because deep down we are the same. We are human.

On Monday, September 12, 2016, the Triad NYC will host the first We So Hapa –  A multicultural Cabaret, at 8:30pm. This event will feature professional musical theater artists of mixed backgrounds. The show will take you on a journey of their experiences of what it is like to live the hapa life in the  entertainment industry. Performers will finally get a chance to perform material that showcases them best, regardless of enthic background. 


Creating this cabaret takes a team of writers, a director, a musical director, band, and performers - to name a few - and New York City prices do not come cheap! Sakima Productions believes that every artist should be compensated for their time and work. Artists too often work for free. We are striving to not make this another pro-bono project. We want to do everything in our power to produce this show at the highest quality level possible! Here is how you can support us and take part in changing the status quo: 

1. Donate to this Hatch Fund Campaign (tax deductible)

2. Share the fundraising campaign website

3. Create conversations about the We So Hapa event and mission

We have already gained the support of our colleagues and have some amazing perks for you! We know that with your help we can make We So Hapa possible. If we happen to go above and beyond our goal, funds will be allocated to support the next We So Hapa show.

Thank you for your time. We are so excited about We So Hapa and we can't wait to see you help us make a difference in the entertainment industry. Together our vision of inclusion will be heard and seen!