You know what pisses me off? Ignorant people who think families are made up of a single ethnic background and feel that somehow a family made up of two or more cultures is wrong and less than themselves. 

You would think that in this day and age this kind of backwards thinking would be rare and pretty much non-existent. Sadly, nope not the case. 

Recently Old Navy showed a mixed race family. Wow, mind blown. Apparently this did not sit well with many people, who tweeted very mean and what I consider racist tweets.



I'm sorry, what the F is wrong with you people?!? I honestly don't understand how you can look at yourself in the mirror every day and think you are a good person. Who gave you the right to judge someone? 

I know I'm very fortunate living in NYC, where this city is filled with multiculturalism and people can love who they want to. I forget that outside my home there is middle America filled with hateful people who are the "trumps" of our nation. Sadly, this always shocks me that people can be so cruel and so backwards in their thinking. 

Here is what I have to say to you racist SOB's... In 100 years you will be the minority. In 100 years hardly anyone in the U.S. will look like you because the world is changing and mixed people, like me (a product of a Jewish woman and Japanese man) will be in the majority. I know I won't be around to witness this, but I know the world is gonna be one beautiful melting pot place and there isn't gonna be room for people like you who don't believe people can love who they want to love. You will be the minority with your very mean thoughts, and maybe, just maybe you will finally understand what it is like to be judged and gawked at. I can't wait for the day when someone says "Oh look, a white person". 

Thank you Old Navy. I may not like your clothing but I sure do love your ad campaigns. Keep up the good work! Keep showing the world we live in! Change the status quo. 

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