You will eventually learn I am one of the laziest and cheapest frugal people when it comes to taking care of myself.  I have acne-prone, sensitive, combination skin.  For years, I would not leave the house without blotting papers on-hand.  I was afraid to use moisturizer for fear of getting a gazillion pimples.  I always broke out on my cheeks, not in my T-zone like normal combo skin.  

I don’t like complicated, multi-step skin regimens (Jenn, I don’t use toner, I’m sorry, and I know I will regret it some day).  I don’t like spending lots of money (although Biologique Recherche is AHHHH-mazing if you have the dinero, it’s no joke, and I will do a post on that some other day).  SPF during the day is non-negotiable, but I needed a night-time moisturizer.  

One of my dearest friends, Lori, of SkinHairBeauty, told me to try jojoba oil back in 2006.  She told me it was the closest oil to the natural oils in skin.  I felt like putting oil on my pimples would make them bigger and the fear of having scars or hyperpigmentation from breakouts sounded like a nightmare, so I never tried it.  Six years after that first conversation about jojoba oil, I was a stay-at-home mom trying to save money.  I was at Trader Joe’s and saw a bottle for $6.99.  Bought it, liked it, and I’m still using it as my night-time moisturizer three years later. In those three years, I have probably purchased four bottles total that is including the time I used it on my belly while pregnant.  So not only am I only enjoying a two-step, wash/cleanse process in the evening, I am only spending an average of about $9 per year on night–time moisturizer. I easily used to spend an average of at least $200 per year.  Eventually, I will need to incorporate a retinoid or AHA/BHA to combat wrinkles, but until my son sleeps through the night and is out of diapers, I’m ok with saving time and money.