This week we're all sharing skin products we are obsessed with! I am obsessed with sheet masks! I first came across these masks when my fellow Swirl Nation Blogger (and best friend) Jenn gifted me with a handful of amazing Korean Sheet Masks. It was the first time I had seen them and quickly fell in love! They are a super easy way to treat yourself to a spa day for only a few dollars. 

When you take the mask out of the package it will be dripping wet. You unfold it and will see cut-outs for your eyes, mouth and slits for the piece that fits around your nose. The package says to leave it on for 20 minutes, but I leave it on until it starts to dry which is about 45 minutes to an hour. They are easy to wear while you watch tv, I've even worn one while I cooked dinner! When you are done you simply throw away the sheet mask and let the ingredients continue to soak in, do not wash your face. 

The Korean masks are super affordable on Amazon, they usually sell them in packs of 12-24 masks so you get a variety of masks that are infused with different ingredients. Collagen, honey, broccoli, green tea, and rice are some of the ingredients that these masks commonly include. Some also include some stranger ingredients like Snail Secretions! So far I have stayed away from those:) 

Due to their increased popularity here in the States, Sephora recently started carrying their own line of sheet masks which I have become a fan of. My favorite is the Pearl mask which evens out skin tone with broccoli extract. I feel like my skin really has a glow after I use it! Sephora also carries Korean brands like TonyMoly and Too Cool For School