The coconut. The magical fruit with multiple health and beauty benefits seems to be everywhere and in everything.  Whether as a beverage, used for cooking or moisturizing, it really is a unique fruit.

One of the many uses of the coconut is to use coconut oil as a hair mask. Coconut oil is extremely nourishing and moisturizing, and due to its chemical structure, it effectively penetrates the hair shaft to improve hair strength and reduce breakage and split ends.  The result is lustrous shine and soft, manageable hair.

•Start with organic, extra-virgin coconut oil, which has not been refined or hydrogenated.
•Apply before going to bed, (do not apply above the earlobe) cover with a shower cap to allow it to soak into your hair overnight.
•In the morning, when you are ready to shower, apply shampoo to your oil-slicked hair before wetting it (if you apply the shampoo after your hair is wet, it will remain greasy and difficult to remove.)  Follow up with a dollop of your regular conditioner and rinse thoroughly.
•Style as desired.

You will fall in love with the results and swing your hair around like a model.  As you should!

xoxo Jenn