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One thing I really love about having Swirl Nation Blog as an outlet, is that is provides me with the chance to promote and support amazing men, women and families! Next month we will be featuring the adorable Seestone-Ramirez family from Provo, UT as a Featured Multiracial Family, but will mom Anna was filling out her profile she shared her business Leo's Letters and I became obsessed! So I wanted to share the cuteness with all of you:) 

Leo's Letters (named after Anna's son Leo) is an adorable business Anna started custom painting letters for kid's rooms and nurseries. Anna is a mom, a full time student and a business owner all at the age of 22! These letters would make the most amazing holiday gift for a kid of any age!

Check out some of the projects she has worked on and go to her Etsy page to order some for a cute kid in your life! 

Leo's Letters on IG and Etsy!




This week we are sharing our favorite gift ideas for Valentine's Day. I love Valentine’s Day and really all things cheesy and romantic. For the last 11 years my Valentine has been my daughter Kaia and I love making extra special treats for her every February 14th. I’ve made heart shaped eggs, pancakes, pizzas and more over the years. But last year I decided to go with DONUTS!

Donuts are an automatic win, I have never met a kid that doesn’t love donuts. Two years ago I bought a bunch of sprinkled donuts and created a multi-tier donut birthday cake and my daughter’s friends almost lost their sugar-loving minds:) 

My absolute favorite custom donuts come from a donut shop in Koreatown called Fantastic Donuts. I discovered them like I discover most things, on Instagram. If you go to their store on Vermont Avenue it looks like any other donut shop- the key is to email them for their special order donuts! They are super nice and easy to work with. Here are the donuts I got Kaia last year!

Cute right?! She of course LOVED them! This year I'm going to have to get creative because my daughter just joined me on my Ketogenic eating plan (aka no sugar)!!! But for the rest of you here is some other #DonutPorn (best hashtag ever!). I have a sugar high just looking at these photos! 

All images can be found HERE!



UNICEF is getting kids active for a good cause

This morning I was roaming Facebook from bed when I came across this story on Inhabitots about the new UNICEF Kid Power Band. The Power Band works like a Fit Bit but for every 2,500 steps a child takes he or she earns one Kid Power Point. Five Power Points unlocks one packet of food for a child in need around the globe. In addition $10 of the purchase price of the band goes to UNICEF (the band costs $39.99 at Target).

To get kids engaged that have also paired up an app with the Power Band that takes kids and their families around the world, completing missions and learning about cultures around the world. I really love this idea because of course every parent wants their child to be active and healthy but I think empowering them to help other children is a powerful combination. I know my daughter would be much more likely to focus on her activity level if she could track her milestones to donations. I will definitely be running to Target to purchase this for her! 

For more information on the UNICEF Kid Power program, visit




I recently came across Mixed Nation on Pinterest and love their shirts and gear for kids and adults. When my daughter was a baby I came across a similar clothing brand and purchased her the cutest shirt with a swirl ice cream cone on it so finding this site brought back some memories! 

I love anything that promotes self love and being proud of exactly who you are. If you know of other brands creating multicultural clothing we would love to know about it! 




How amazing are these new toys by MyFamilyBuilders?! I first saw them on Upworthy and fell in love!  

They got their start on Kickstarter and received funding! I'm not surprised because as the Upworthy article states there are so many families out there who are not represented in what is typically seen on the toy store shelves or on mainstream media. 

Here are some great stats Upworthy shared: 

  • In 2011 there were 4.2 million multiracial children in the U.S.
  • 30% of families with children were single-parent families (U.S. Census Bureau 2008)
  • In 2013, nearly 220,000 children under the age of 18 were being raised in same-sex parent families
  • 7% of American children are adopted or stepchildren, many with parents of different cultures than their own
  • Full stats can be found in there original form

I hope to see these toys and more toys like it represented in every major toy store!