Jen is a 17 year veteran of the advertising and marketing world. Currently the Executive Creative Director at an experiential marketing agency in downtown Los Angeles, Jen creates compelling consumer-centric experiences for brands like Nike, Red Bull and Microsoft. 

It was her curiosity for the world that led her to a career in the creative field. This curiosity also inspires the life she has created for herself and her daughter. Jen and Kaia have lived in Denver and Santa Fe before settling in Los Angeles 5 1/2 years ago. 

Kaia definitely shares her mother's creativity, but she was lucky enough to inherit that from both sides. Kaia's father, and Jen's ex-husband is a talented illustrator and DJ, and his mother is world renowned installation artist Senga Nengudi. This creative spirit is an important connective piece in blending both sides of the family.

Jen's heritage is Scandinavian and her parents have been deeply interested in genealogy since the 70s. Recently she had her daughter Kaia do an DNA test to see a full view of her heritage from her father's side and they are now enjoying learning about Kaia's West African roots.

Jen also has a ketogenic food blog,  Keto In The City, where she shares tips, tricks and recipes. You can also find her here: 

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PASSION POINTS: parenting, mom hacks, art and design, cooking, sports, relationships, social media, empowering women